The IT TAKES COURAGE Strategy Launch

Dear colleagues and friends,

The African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario (ACCHO) is pleased to launch its latest initiative, IT TAKES COURAGE.

HIV/AIDS-related stigma is a real and pervasive issue in African, Caribbean and Black communities—one that puts up walls between neighbours, sows seeds of fear among community members, and endangers precious lives. Members of African, Caribbean and Black communities belong to many different faiths or spiritualities whose leaders share important values that can help communities respond to HIV/AIDS related stigma: values of compassion, love, caring and good works.

IT TAKES COURAGE is a community-driven strategy focused on reducing the stigma too often associated with HIV/AIDS.  The goal is to make African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) communities across Ontario more welcoming to those living with, and affected by HIV/AIDS.

There are a number of components to the strategy:

  •         an inspiring video with accompanying facilitation guide;
  •         a Manifesto, a poster and a pin;
  •         a website complete with information, resources and tools;
  •         a handbook to help faith/spiritual leaders support the strategy in their communities; and
  •         a handbook to help frontline workers support the implementation of the strategy in their communities.

As local/ regional events are hosted throughout the province, we hope that the conversations generated will inspire faith and spiritual leaders to take action in their communities and become ambassadors of the IT TAKES COURAGE strategy.

The IT TAKES COURAGE strategy was developed in collaboration with ACCHO partners with financial support from the AIDS Bureau, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Ontario).

We encourage you to visit  and share it with your networks.

For more information, contact Michelle Sumner-Williams, Associate Director, at or (416) 977-9955 ext. 293.

ACCHO provides leadership in the response to HIV/AIDS in African, Caribbean and Black communities in Ontario. We are a provincial coalition of organizations and individuals committed to HIV prevention, education, advocacy, research, treatment, care and support for African, Caribbean and Black communities. With our members, we strive to reduce the incidence of HIV among African, Caribbean and Black people in Ontario, and to improve the quality of life for those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS through the implementation of the Ontario HIV/AIDS Strategy for African, Caribbean and Black Communities 2013-2018 (the ACB Strategy).