The ACB Strategy

On September 27, 2013, ACCHO launched the Ontario HIV/AIDS Strategy for African, Caribbean and Black Communities 2013-2018 Extended to 2021 (the ACB Strategy). This new Strategy replaces the previous Strategy to Address Issues Related to HIV Faced by People in Ontario From Countries Where HIV is Endemic, which was developed by the HIV Endemic Task Force (HETF) and officially launched in 2005. This Strategy was the first of its kind in Ontario (and Canada).

The renewed ACB Strategy provides a framework for the response to HIV/AIDS in Ontario’s African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) communities in the areas of prevention, education, policy, health promotion, care, support and research by:

  1. Guiding the work of agencies, institutions and policy makers working with and for ACB communities.
  2. Promoting community development in response to HIV/AIDS challenges.
  3. Identifying research needs, priorities and opportunities to inform the response.

The current ACB Strategy recognizes that it is important to focus not only on ACB people’s risk behaviours, but rather on understanding their lived experience in relationship to the social determinants of health and offer supports that address the root causes of HIV/AIDS. While building on past successes across the province, the new ACB Strategy lays out key strategic areas of action at the individual and family, community and provincial levels.

ACB strategy workers

There are 15 positions located in 14 agencies across Southern Ontario specifically funded to implement the ACB Strategy:

Yohannes Ayalew
Prevention Coordinator
Africans in Partnership Against AIDS 

Priscilla Muzira
African & Caribbean Strategy Coordinator
AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Area 

Dane Record
Black African-Caribbean Outreach Coordinator
AIDS Committee of Durham Region 

Rametou Samandoulougou
African Caribbean Support Worker
AIDS Committee of Ottawa 

African Caribbean Black Outreach Coordinator
AIDS Committee of Windsor 

Priscilla Muzira
African & Community Development
ARCH Guelph

Garfield Durrant
MSM Prevention Coordinator
Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention
(Black CAP)

Mary Yehdego
Prevention Coordinator
Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention
(Black CAP)

Théonille Mukabarasi
Case manager HIV/AIDS
Centre francophone de Toronto 

African Caribbean Black (ACB) Health Promotion Coordinator
Peel HIV/AIDS Network 

Winnie Murombedzi
Education & Support Coordinator
Positive Living Niagara

Mercy Nleya
Multicultural HIV Prevention Coordinator
Regional HIV/AIDS Connection 
(RHAC, formerly AIDS Committee of London)

Solomon Lome
African & Caribbean HIV Prevention Strategy Worker
Somerset West Community Health Centre 

Nomvelo Nkomo
African Caribbean Community Outreach Worker
The AIDS Network 

Marvelous Muchenje-Marisa
Community Health Coordinator
Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Community Health Centre