Our research program

One of the objectives of ACCHO, as outlined in the Ontario HIV/AIDS Strategy for African, Caribbean and Black Communities 2013-2018 (the ACB Strategy), is to provide guidance and leadership to implement the African, Caribbean and Black Research agenda. ACCHO’s research initiatives and activities are shaped and informed by:

  1. The priorities identified in the ACB Strategy.
  2. The priorities identified by stakeholders who participated in the African, Caribbean and Black Canadian HIV/AIDS Research Think Tank Report as well as the 3rd Ontario African, Caribbean and Black Research Think Tank (new).
  3. The guidance and contributions of the ACCHO Research Committee.
  4. The experience and expertise brought forth by the ACCHO Council members.

While research is an important component of the response to HIV/AIDS among African, Caribbean and Black communities in Ontario (and Canada), we recognize that research by itself is not a sustainable response. Research is likely to achieve its potential if it takes place within a supportive and enabling environment of institutional development, community engagement and advocacy, and it is linked to policy and programming.


Through the support of strong community partners across the province, ACCHO strives to meet its research goals and objectives through collaborative community-based research projects that are relevant and beneficial to African, Caribbean and Black communities.

Building on the strength of its partners, ACCHO collaborates on research to reduce the incidence of HIV and improve the quality of life for those who are living with and affected by HIV/AIDS among African, Caribbean and Black Communities.

Research that ACCHO collaborates on or supports must be aligned with ACCHO’s Framework for Research. A more detailed outline of requirements for research collaborations and authorship recognition can be found in the Guidelines for ACCHO’s Participation in Research and the Guidelines for Authorship and Acknowledgement.