“Keep it Alive” Campaign Evaluation Report Now Available
Friday, September 27, 2013 2:01 PM

ACCHO is pleased to announce the release of the report, Staying Alive: Evaluation of the ‘Keep It Alive! HIV Awareness and Prevention Campaign for African, Caribbean and Black Communities in Ontario. This report presents the findings from the evaluation of the ‘Keep It Alive!’ campaign, an award-winning community-based HIV prevention campaign implemented by ACCHO from 2006-2009. This campaign was designed to raise awareness of HIV and reduce HIV-related stigma in African, Caribbean and Black communities in Ontario. The report highlights key findings from focus groups and surveys, lessons learned, as well as recommendations for future campaigns. You can download the executive summary and full report. For more information, contact the ACCHO Research Coordinator at (416) 977-9955 ext. 291.